"I'm not comfortable dealing with realtors."

Have you ever felt this way? In speaking to people, I am often struck by the strength of this sentiment. Then I pick myself off the floor and dust off!

But I can relate. Before entering the business, I had a longstanding career that required me to service and negotiate deals with demanding clients like Costco and Wal-Mart. I travelled a lot, which led to relocating my home several times. When working with realtors, I was perplexed. While many could make a fast deal happen, few were willing to spend time listening, researching, or negotiating well on my behalf. I thought, "Wait - Slow down! What about me? Shouldn't this be about me and my family?"

Comparing it to my corporate work, I saw an opportunity. Just as retailers demanded "me first" priority service, the homeowner also deserved "me first" treatment - with their needs placed above all others. Retailers might do multi-million dollar deals, but those deals don't change lives the way a home purchase decision does. I was convinced that homeowners needed and deserved the same kind of priority attention doled out daily to global purchasing executives. The hurried, powerless "my deal isn't a big deal" feeling I'd had being a homeowner needed to be changed.

When I decided to end my nomadic career and put down roots in 2010, I thought a lot about the kind of home and neighbourhood I needed. My decision: to help other people do the same. Perhaps being a realtor, especially a careful and patient one, would help me become a part of my community and build a wonderful career.

I would love to introduce you to my calm, rational approach to real estate and assist with any questions you may have. You can reach me by cell at (403) 869-7971 or drop me a note at david@davidpellettier.ca. I look forward to doing great things for you and your family!